Krohne Electromagnetic Flow Meters



Water Supply Products are New Zealand's irrigation distributor for Krohne electromagnetic flow meters.
Krohne is the original manufacturer of electromagnetic flow meters from the early 1950's and have been the market leader ever since.
Krohne meters are used extensively for potable water, irrigation water and all sorts of farm and industrial effluent.  We can easily match a Krohne meter to your requirements.

Krohne irrigation meters are available as 12 to 40vdc powered units or battery powered to suit any application.
If a solar option is prefered we have an option for this as well.
Where data logging is required we have options from basic loggers such as our "IRIS" range, to full telemetery systems.

Electromagnetic flow meters have two parts, the sensor that goes in the pipeline and the converter that converts the voltage signal into usable information.


Flow Sensor

  Optiflux 2000 flow sensor
Krohne Optiflux 2000
  • Compliance with OIML R-49, ISO 4064
  • IP 68
  • Maintenance free
  • Large diameter range up to DN 3000
  • Internal liner fully sealed on flanges face
  • True full bore through the meter
  • Suitable for water and waste water
  Optiflux 2000




Signal Converter

IFC100 Signal Converter
Krohne IFC100
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Diagnostics of application and instrument
  • Extremely quick signal conversion
  • Large, illuminated graphic display with intuitive operation
  • Multiple user languages as standard
  • Maintenance-free
  • Outstanding performance
  • Pulse and mA current outputs available
  • In situ verification with KROHNE MagCheck



Signal converter in wall mount version
With the IFC100W, remote installation is possible
in the case of temperature effects, vibration or
difficult-to-reach locations. Cable is used
to connect the sensor and the converter for the
purposes of power supply and signal processing.




Water Supply Products are a specialist supplier of quality meters to New Zealand farmers and industrial users.  Our staff are trained to select the correct meter for your application and importantly to be "Fit For Purpose" under the "Nation Enviromental Standard" (NES) for water metering.

Krohne meters meet (and far exceed) the requirements.  More important than exceeding the requirements, Krohne meters will be operating for decades to come.  Infact the Krohne sensors from the 1950's are able to be used with the latest IFC100 electronics.

Install a meter once by insisting on Krohne!


We have qualified resellers throughout New Zealand.  Contact us for details