At Water Supply Products, our goal is to provide New Zealand dairy farmers with tools to manage farm dairy effluent in an environmentally responsible way. 



The use of products such as the WSP range of screw press separators and Irripod effluent irrigation systems, not only helps our environment, it can help reduce on farm fertilizer costs and importantly compliance with your effluent discharge consent requirements.

Instead of merely something to be disposed of, effluent can be a valuable fertiliser resource.

The irrigation of effluent through a centre pivot or irripod eliminates the chances of over irrigation resulting in ponding and run-off.
Protecting our environment is the responsibility for all involved in the dairy industry.

We believe the WSP series of farm dairy effluent separators to be New Zealands leading range of screw press separators, designed specifically for the New Zealand market.
We believe in keeping a product as simple and trouble free as possible.  Our press separators have been designed to have minimal maintanence and operating costs.

Whether your application is farm dairy effluent or piggery effluent, the WSP screw press is an option for your farm.

Water Supply Products specialist effluent product distributors can offer a turn key effluent package or supply components as required.






Manufactured in New Zealand by Hansentm Products, the Irripod effluent irrigation system is designed to operate at low pressure and distribute liquid effluent at a slow absorption rate over a wide area.

This allows for effective absorption into the soil whilst eliminating pooling and run off.  Being low pressure and therefore low energy, this system is good for our environment and your back pocket.


Effluent Irripod Effluent Irripod line


We have skilled Irripod dealers throughout New Zealand, from consultation, design and installation, give us a call or email for the closest irripod designer and stockist to you.

Irripod is a New Zealand product, from the manufacturer to the farm